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'There are two truths for a Buddha; the Ultimate and the Conventional. Neither one stifles the other. They are of one taste.'

Guided Meditations.


These beautiful meditations are about 20 min long and were taken from the Great Pledge meditation.

Yoga Nidra

Meditations from Bok Jinpa 10 

Dip Your mind into the stars.

Transcribed From John's Inner Body Yoga Class

My experience, what has worked, is it's your own journey. It's your own. Every person who has a successful spiritual awakening uses the "dogma". Uses the words that were said by Jesus, uses the words that were said by Lord Buddha, uses the words that said by whoever it may be. Mohammed. Whoever. Uses those words because the truth of reality is a noodle-baker. It's non-conceptual. It cannot really be described in words. So, the scriptures and the words can only take you up to the edge of this kind of abyss, or cliff, where you then have to tip over in yourself. It's like you have to dip your mind into the stars or something like that, and then come back up a new being. Then try to convey what you've experienced and you will find that you can't. Not the true meaning.

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