ACI classes: formal philosophy classes from the Asian Classics Institute, based on the original teachings of the Buddha, this is the same material that is taught in the great monestic Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Tibet and India.

Debate class: Debate is the investigative technique used in Tibetan education to sharpen your analytical capacities and understanding how things really work.



Meditation is a tool for reaching happiness. When you learn to focus, quiet the mind, experience clarity, it becomes easier to see the patterns of your own mind that may be preventing us from true happiness. Through meditation we can reach high realizations that can transform our whole being.



Yoga: Tibetan Heart Yoga is a powerful asana practice steeped in Hatha, working both inner and outer methods and giving you practice you can do both on and off the mat

Inner Body yoga workshop: John will help you to access the power of your inner body. He wil teach you methods to help your yoga practice originate from your deep inner space, the beginning of everything. From there, it brings new light to your practice, your body and your mind.


John has a big love for music. He sings, plays guitar, and drums.

He takes part in the kirtan band: Vajra Play, sings/plays guitar in the church choir, and performs with Meshe and others in 'Moon Circus.'

Meditation classes

Mondays ongoing.

6.15pm-7.30pm Currently on Zoom, $10 by etransfer. Contact for more info.




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